Representing Christ (Colossians 3.17)

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of my favorite verses in the New Testament comes from Colossians 3.17,

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him” (NET).

Note that the basis of this verse goes all the way back to 3.1: “if you have been raised in Christ,” thus this verse applies to all Christians. Verses 1-16 and 18-25 give specific ways in which we are to act, but here in verse 17 the point is made that the specifics listed in the verses following and preceeding Col 3.17 are only illustrative to say that Christians should do ALL things in the name of the Lord Jesus.

The impact this verse has on the lives of Christians is just tremendous. Think about this verse for a moment: no matter what you do, whether playing a competitive game of sports, cleaning your room, studying for a test, how you act in your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, interacting with your parents, practicing for a recital or sports, Christians are to perform that act as if you are Christ’s personal representative (and his personal representative each believer is!). If we let this verse truly penetrate our lives, without question we will become the light of the world. Other people might ask you, “Why is he/she so dedicated to what he/she is doing?” “Why is so-and-so overly devoted to school/work?” At some point people will talk with you about how you stand out, and its then that we can humble express that you are only trying to live your life for Christ in whatever you do.

Such a task is very difficult because how can one act as Jesus’ personal representative for every single thing he/she does? Here it’s important to remember less is more. Is your life so busy that you cannot come close to fulfilling this command? I would humbly suggest that if we are not able to live up to the reputation of Christ in all that we are doing, then we need to scale back on our activities and only do a few things wholeheartedly and up to Christ’s standard, rather than busy ourselves with numerous activities that we pursue half-heartedly and in compromised fashion. 

So what’s on your agenda for this week? Whether teen or adult, all of our actions should be in the name of the Lord (acting as His representative), and this should motivate us to be of a different quality in our work ethic with all our endeavors and in the way we seek the Lord and allow Him to penetrate our lives devotionally.


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